School Clothes ≠ Pajamas

Alright, kids, here’s the deal:

I know public school is great because there aren’t uniforms, however that doesn’t mean you can wear pajamas to school. I’m sorry, but that is pushing it too far.

High school culture is lazy enough (I already watch people trudge through the morning classes with their eyes half-closed, clinging to their coffee for dear life); I don’t want to see another person walk through the door wearing sweatpants, yoga pants, pajama pants, or slippers ever again. That’s right. People wear slippers to school.

In my opinion, not only is dressing so “down” a sign of disrespect to teachers and the general learning community, it reflects poorly on the students dressed that way. The pajama look gives off vibes of sloth and a sense that you don’t care about anything (appearance included!)

This changes everything.

I’m usually pretty tolerant of people’s style choices, but this was really irking me lately. Thanks for letting me ramble for a while.


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A Cute Awakening

I drove by myself for the first time a few days after I got my license. I didn’t really need to go anywhere, I was just itching to go SOMEWHERE. I drove through some of the streets near my neighborhood, then ventured out a little further.

There’s a huge hill near the end of my street. I went down it, with extra caution because there was still some snow on the ground. I rounded the corner––radio on, endorphins pumping from the thrill of the hill and the rush of my first drive––when a little white puppy (barely visible against the blanket of snow) ran across the street. Thankfully, I saw it in time to stop and allow it to scuttle to the other side.

The dog was absolutely adorable; I don’t know what I would have done had I hit it. That experience taught me to be a more observant driver. Now, whenever I drive, I think of a little white puppy around every turn.

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Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

This is a complicated question, spanning across the areas of philosophy and spirituality.  Do I believe in fate?  No.  I think every person has free will and the right to use it; I feel that fate is for people waiting for something to be handed to them.  I do, however, think that people “belong” in certain places or professions, or at least gravitate towards something naturally.  Some might call that destiny.  I don’t think so.  While people may feel they are destined to do/be something, it may not turn out that way.  Even if it does, a person blazes his or her own trail to get there.  It’s not destiny, it’s giving in to your true wants that you may not even be conscious of.  Deep down, I believe instinct, the id, eventually finds a way of leading us where we need to be.

So what about those trails we’re blazing?  Do the individual events that occur on our journey to our ultimate wants and dreams happen for reasons?  From a spiritual perspective, I say maybe.  I think it’s up to us to find meaning in our day to day experiences and interpret it.  It’s more about learning from mistakes and making the decision to move forward than decoding petty occurrences.

While on the subject of spirituality, I’d like to state that I do believe in some sort of higher power.  Whether you want to call it “God” or not, I believe it’s there.  I also believe that this higher power is innately good.  The question is, does this power completely dominate our lives?  As a believer in free will, I’m going to say no.  I think we’re free to live our lives the way we please, chase our dreams, and do what we want.  I believe this power is present in our lives, but not domineering.

I know from my personal experience that I have had moments that felt so right, that made me feel like I was supposed to be where I was doing what I was doing.  It’s not happiness; it’s bliss.  This feeling, at least for me, starts a chain reaction of appreciation for what I have, who I know, what I can do, etc.

Is it happening for a reason?  Perhaps.  We go through life freely, but occasionally someone might intercede.  Interpret life the way you want.  In the end, whatever makes you the most happy is the right choice.  Things might not happen for specific reasons, but I think people “happen” for reasons.  We are supposed to be here.

Challenge: A Personification

Hello!  I’ve made a discovery.  I never would’ve believed it had anyone told me, but I found a way to use Twitter as a writing tool.  What?  Twitter?  Really?  Yes, really.  I did some searching and I found a couple people who “tweet” writing prompts, challenges, and musings pretty regularly.  I’ll post links to their pages at the end of the post.

This challenge comes from Writing Prompts: “take one of the 7 sins and personify them.”  I took a little bit of liberty with this one, and wrote a very short piece in the second address (very risky, I know…just wanted to try it.  If anyone has any serious objection i can change it!) bringing all the deadly sins together in one body.  The POV makes it difficult to categorize it as a personification, but essentially that’s what it is.

In case you’re not familiar with them, the seven deadly sins are as follows-Rage, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, and Pride.  I tried to include bits for every one.  Look for them, they’re in there!

You know who you are.  The bar’s set too high for you to reach…while sitting down.  If only you’d stand up and see what you can achieve with a willing mind.  But that assignment has to be a couple hundred words too long, your “me time” is a couple minutes too short, and your perfect nose goes up to any challenge deemed “too easy”.

Seeing only what you want to see is a skill you’ve perfected, just look in the mirror.  Your cherry curls never fall quite the same any more.  Has self-maintenance really become too difficult for you?  Or maybe too boring?  With every glance your eyes, opened wide, reveal your jealousy.  You can only blame yourself, yet your negative feelings radiate to everyone.

No one can help you now, you’ve fallen too deep into your imaginary world, your routine, your couch.  Pitiful.  Deadly.

To receive these tweets, go to these links:

There are a few more, if you’re super interested, but I believe these two to be the best.

Up to the Challenge!

Happy Wednesday!  I was thinking last night, and I thought of something really cool I could do here.  There are lots of great resources for creative writers on the web like podcasts and online courses that give prompts and mini “challenges”.  So I thought, “Why don’t I publish my responses to these prompts here?”  It’s great for writing practice and exercise, and it’s a way to expose more people to the great advice from great writers.

I begin with the first challenge presented in the first episode of “Writing Challenges” from the university of Warwick.  This is available in two forms on iTunes. (as a podcast and a class)  I chose the podcast form.

Summary of the challenge: Open a book of fiction or poetry at random, and place your finger on any word.  Write the word, as well as the three words before and after it to make a seven word phrase.  Now, freewrite for 5 minutes and see what you come up with.  (You must use the seven word phrase, no matter how crazy it is!)

Now, here’s what I wrote.  I understand it’s freewriting so nobody’s supposed to read it, but I’ll post it anyway.  Obviously it’s not the greatest, but…

His voice came back tinny through the speaker, a sure sign he was driving again.  exasperated, Johnathan hung up.

“It’s like he doesn’t have time for any of us anymore.”

Chloe leaned against the closet door, blowing her nails dry.  “Almost like he’s got a life.”

John decided not to respond to that.  The Skinners had been around for years, and if Tim wanted to ignore that he saw no wrong in it.

“But…sounds like he’s got you down.”  Chloe moved on to her feet, neatly polished in clashing colors.  “Anything else on your mind?”

John whipped around, “I’d just like to know where he’s going.”

More blowing from Chloe.  “Wouldn’t we all…”

Okay, so I wrote a short story on the fly.  That’s usually what happens when I freewrite, since that comes the most naturally to me.  Who the Skinners are, where Tim’s headed, I have no idea, but that doesn’t matter.

The seven word phrase was “voice came back tinny through the speaker”, from the book Artemis Fowl.  I included it right in the beginning so I could use it as a starting point for inspiration.

I’ll definitely continue listening to this podcast, (maybe even review it?) I’m actually about five episodes in.  Expect more challenges from others, too!