Building Permit

Hi everyone!  Just an update about what’s going on, since a lot of changes are taking place.

First off, the videos page has been removed and made into an “Extras” page.  The videos are still there, just in a different location.  To access the “Videos” page, use the new “Pages” widget in the sidebar.

Secondly, “Haiku of the Day” has graduated from the “Poetry” page and has been given its own location under “Poetry”.  Again, the easiest way to access the new page is through the “Pages” widget in the sidebar, but I put up a link on the “Poetry” page to redirect people until the new layout has sunk in.

And finally a quick announcement on posts…My review for A Teen’s Guide to Getting Published should be up some time this week.  Also the “Extras” page has been getting lots of attention!  I put up a new video, as well as a page for comic strips…just another silly thing I like doing.  (The comic is titled, “Lonely Survivors” for those of you who stumbled upon it in the sidebar)  It’s not going to be updated nearly as much as, say, “Haiku of the Day”, but it’ll be a fun page.  I hope everyone is well, and I’ll be posting again soon!