Intro to my San Diego Experience

Last summer my family and I vacationed in San Diego, California.  We live in Maine, so the beach is nothing new, but the west coast atmosphere was so much different.  For example, we don’t have signs that designate areas for surfing and swimming.  Some people surf in Maine, but it’s not nearly as popular as it is in California!  (If you swim in the winter you’re insane…)

I took SO MANY pictures on our trip!  I’m going to post some of my favorites here semi-regularly (does that sounds nice?).  I think I managed to capture the attitude of the city and its people: relaxed, cool, urban, cultured, and innovative.  I was blown away; I can say with confidence that it is my absolute favorite city.  Sorry, Portland 😉

“All I Need”


It’s what those who fought and bled/

For this ground always said/

I see only what I want to see/

…it’s all I need


After sundown/

When all the lights come on/

We see a new town/

Lit up by red, blue neon/

When the sun’s gone/

The little things come out/

There’s more/

And why we have it all/

Won’t be ignored


Before sunrise/

Not quite all is still/

Many a surprise/

In the form of shriek and shrill/

When the sun’s gone/

Even after war is won/

Why can’t we see the good?/

See joy in where we are?/

When the day is done and gone


The proud city at night/

Just a symbol of the fight/

That happened so we could stay/

Some still fight it today/

When the sun comes/

In heavenly glory/

By good will we abide/

And swallow our pride/

All we need


To have a dream in my city/

…it’s all I need