A Cute Awakening

I drove by myself for the first time a few days after I got my license. I didn’t really need to go anywhere, I was just itching to go SOMEWHERE. I drove through some of the streets near my neighborhood, then ventured out a little further.

There’s a huge hill near the end of my street. I went down it, with extra caution because there was still some snow on the ground. I rounded the corner––radio on, endorphins pumping from the thrill of the hill and the rush of my first drive––when a little white puppy (barely visible against the blanket of snow) ran across the street. Thankfully, I saw it in time to stop and allow it to scuttle to the other side.

The dog was absolutely adorable; I don’t know what I would have done had I hit it. That experience taught me to be a more observant driver. Now, whenever I drive, I think of a little white puppy around every turn.

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