Creativity in Today’s World

Man, I guess I’m in the mood for long pieces!  Here’s a fun persuasive essay-I really enjoyed this one!

The Importance of Creativity in Today’s World

Six and a half billion people.  Just decades ago a third of that populated the Earth.  With rapid expansion overwhelmingly greater challenges threaten us: rising poverty, rising seas, shrinking income, shrinking resources.  And Science says it will only get worse.  That scientific way of thinking has gotten us this far, but we need creativity in the world more than ever because we’re facing these new challenges, and their innovative solutions can move us forward and push us together as a society.

Earth faces problems like hunger and climate change on a more massive scale every day, issues we as humans have never dealt with before.  It’s the creative minds that think outside the box that will give us innovative solutions designed for our new problems.  Some of the planet’s developing nations realize the need for creativity already, and now pose threats to other first world nations who refuse to give up their old, methodical ways.  If the world as a whole were more innovative and creative, we could be united by our common goals.

We’ve established an “everything is new again” cycle in our culture, and we need to break it if we ever want to move forward.  On the global scale of warfare, our technology has greatly increased, yet we continue to use it in old, self-destructive ways.  Even in smaller areas such as fashion we’ve been boring and uncreative.  Vintage has somehow become the new avant-garde.  Whether in big ways or smaller ways, the world needs new ways to use its new technologies.  This must be accomplished with a creative jump-start, or the old will forever hold us back.

Adopting a new way of thinking as a planet guarantees global change.  Creative solutions can bring on the end of war, giving us more time and money to move forward in our endeavor to preserve and better our environment.  Instead of fighting with each other, working together would change the lifestyle of millions for the better.  The Age of Aquarius can start whenever we want it to; all we need is a different mindset.  Creatively coming together as a planet would allow us to last longer as a planet.

If science has taught us anything, it has taught us that anything can be solved in a methodical, scientific manner and that human creativity and imagination is a mere gift, not realistically useful.  Science also predicts worldwide changes in climate, dangerous pandemics, and even mankind’s self-destruction.  If we choose to look deeper into ourselves, though, a small spark of hope tells us not to believe it.  Welcome to the world of creativity.