Haiku of the Day Archive

The Haiku of the Day era has ended, but you can still see all of the haiku here!

3/29–    Night just beginning

Shivering, dark, and exposed

Running off alone

3/28–    A confusing lifestyle

A hybrid environment

Encased in metal

3/27–    A lake of glass

In suspended animation

Breathing through cracks

3/26–    Wings brushing against wings

Singing songs of love

A beautiful embrace

3/25–    Whispers in the wind

Tales of the past spinning about

Etched in the leaves

3/24–    Yellow stream reflection

Light dancing all around

Mirroring insects

3/23–    Breath of new day

Mixing with sweet fragrances

Morning garden alive

3/22–    Unable to reach out

Taking a plunge from the sky

Nest crashes down

3/21–    Foretold in ancient scrolls

Just as one penned so long ago

All life flees

3/20–    Disembodied sound in the night

A terrified coo

The flap of wings

3/19–    Glaring at its prey

City sounds and quiet breathing

Return and fight

3/18–    Energy in the wind

Spirals elated and dancing


☘3/17–    Deadly, venomous fangs

Cold, paralyzing stare

Scales, teeth lunge forward

3/16–    Wind rustling leaves

Nothing dares disturb the peace

Quiet patter of feet

3/15–    Wrath of the final flame

Raging from the Earth’s core

The great disaster

3/14–    Healing touch of water

Overflowing stream reaching out

A splash of life

3/13–    Catching a sound

Passing vibrations echo

Away, away, away

3/12–    Like lightning in the air

Galloping against the wind

Run forever

3/11–    Fire on the mountain

Glowing as molten metal

Horizon’s mirror

3/10–    Amid the salty rock

Light dancing off its surface

Gem of the sea

3/9–    Reaching out to touch

Warmth of a face brightens the day

Smiles of summer

3/8–    Wild plains of tall grass

Suffocation in open space

Tangled, alive

3/7–   Mountain’s breath flows down

Warm air currents drafting up

Weather elation

3/6–    At last it has come

Clean smells of spring in the air

The sweet taste returns

3/5–    Uncharted area

Green in color, high in spirit

Sing and dance

3/4–    Cloaked in blue moonlight

Hidden by the cloudy night

Unknown sounds ring

3/3–    Impossible to stop

Destruction of a twister

From a distance

3/2–    Ready to jump out

Cool, calm, spring-loaded

Another night on the hunt

3/1–    Pushed out of the nest

Never meant to belong

Striving to discover

2/28–    Morning dawn gives life

Fresh new breath of energy

And peaceful exhale

2/27–    Escaping the dark

Calling to the night in fear

Shadow refugee

2/26–    Sigh of relaxation

Shaking tress, whipping winds

Lets the world know it’s time

2/25–    Plummet down to earth

Alone, in pairs, opaque sheets

Cleanse the sky and ground

2/24–    Flowers sweat dew

Humidity in the air

Invitation for bugs

2/23–    Huge mountains of white

Doesn’t melt, never freeze

Forest covered in ash

2/22–   Smell of melting snow

Moisture migrating skyward

Sucked in by Spring clouds

2/21–    A shift in nature

Familiar, expected

Past melting away

2/20–    Strong wind in the face

Trudging on, scrunched and lonely

Big heart, little cat

2/19–    Frozen, forgotten

Dead and banished from the herd

Picked up by some birds

2/18–    Swirling summer sun

Restless, quiet passion

Double roots entwined

2/17–    Stretch, reaching skyward

Small furry paws longing

Snap of neck, worm in mouth

2/16–    Essence of the pig

Honored before the long fast

Forty days and nights

2/15–    Hidden by the green

Technicolor gems of nature

Just out of sight

❤2/14–    To love, care, and hold

To nurture, tend to, fight for

Expressions of love

2/13–    Screams and melodies blend

Together as one voice

What a sight to see

Haiku #50: 2/12–    Miracle of birth

Every way, shape, form, beauty

Innocence anew

2/11–    Dragon of the swamp

Carefully drifting on down

Waiting to break loose

2/10–    A dry inhale

Exhale an oasis

A land hydrated by change

2/9–    Inferior

But its conscience burns tonight

Creature indecisive

2/8–    Infected with filth

Happily ever after

In a home of mud

2/7–    Lonely atmosphere

Asleep for the afternoon

Buzzing quietly

2/6–    Last leaf fallen down

A cement grave in its veins

Old birch forgotten

2/5–    Bring in the new day

Melody of chirping birds

Joy and blue feathers

2/4–    Scurry up the tree

Not quite fast enough this time

Squirrels run and squeal

2/3–    Open plane of grass

Worships the sun as it sets

Not ready for night

2/2–    Commotion commute

Trickle water, down the stream

All rushing forward

2/1–    High above the trees

The sun burns, clouds form, rain falls

In the natural Earth

1/31–    Seeking their target

Lunge, flashes of fins

Young blood on their teeth

1/30–    Moseying along

Careful steps crunch in the sand

Ocean migration

1/29–    One and only one

Existence of solitude

Watching and waiting

1/28–    Great speed of the chase

Fur, claws, and teeth in a blur

Tearing through the land

1/27–    Perfect feathered face

Symbol of amazing grace

Wings made of white gold

1/26–    Only time for work

One body, one mind, prison

Sand walls hold ant slaves

1/25–    Single leap

Tree frog trying to get to safety

Salvation in wood

1/24–    Washed away with the rain

Forgotten all too soon

Fall leaves flow away

1/23–    Sucked dry and lifeless

Beast and landscape alike

Arid sands and rough scales

1/22–    Trapped under the sun

Not enough room in the sky

Free-spirited bird

1/21–    Isolation of the hill

Unseen life thrives

Cloaked in complete silence

1/20–    Big, raging shadows

Growl at each other, rip, tear

Wolf confrontation

1/19–    Single drop of dew

Leads an army of water

Drip, drip together

1/18–    Way of the mountain

Sees over all before it

Powerful still-life

1/17–    Through the tests of time

Heroes rise above

Conquering mortality

1/16–    Fight through the cold

Only the strong survive

To see the season of life

1/15–    Anxious to kiss the clouds

But still just a baby

Not ready to fly

1/14–    A frightened meow

Trespassing in the night

Scampers off to the distance

1/13–    With so much to eat

Still complaining, wanting more

Always-hungry fire

1/12–    Shivering in the night

Just under the streetlight

Still invisible

1/11–    Groaning, ready to break

Ice struggles to keep its hold

Ready for spring

1/10–    Chirping crickets

Serene lake on the mountain

Given life from flying lights

1/9–    Wading through the thorns

Refuse to release their hold

Prickly old friends

1/8–    Scorching the mountainside

Foliage gives way

Power of the mountain

1/7–    A single moment

Crack and boom tears up the land

Light show in the sky

1/6–    A silent wood

Strong, proud and stable

Never forgets its many scars

1/5–    The wait has ended

Forever changing landscape

Dies in mere seconds

1/4–    Moving energy

Flawless synergy of nature

That’s what peace is

1/3–    Away away now

Warmth disappears in colors of fire


1/2–    The earth seems to cry

Winter hasn’t relinquished

Never-ending storm

1/1–    Nature rejoices

Though coated in snow it knows

Of good things to come

12/31–    From this moment on

The tight, icy hold persists

Until the springtime

12/30–    A willow tree

Mourns the loss of her greenery

Beauty dead and gone

12/29–    Swaying peacefully

Reeds move along with ripples

The frog has returned

12/28–    Protected from rain

Sweltering, thriving, growing

A sunny greenhouse

12/27–    Battering bushes

Relentless storm of sleet, rain

The birds seek shelter

12/26–    Prickly white beach sand

Reflecting heat, staying still

The water invades

12/25–    Not even Christmas

The hustling, bustling season

Disturbs the quiet snow


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