“All I Need”


It’s what those who fought and bled/

For this ground always said/

I see only what I want to see/

…it’s all I need


After sundown/

When all the lights come on/

We see a new town/

Lit up by red, blue neon/

When the sun’s gone/

The little things come out/

There’s more/

And why we have it all/

Won’t be ignored


Before sunrise/

Not quite all is still/

Many a surprise/

In the form of shriek and shrill/

When the sun’s gone/

Even after war is won/

Why can’t we see the good?/

See joy in where we are?/

When the day is done and gone


The proud city at night/

Just a symbol of the fight/

That happened so we could stay/

Some still fight it today/

When the sun comes/

In heavenly glory/

By good will we abide/

And swallow our pride/

All we need


To have a dream in my city/

…it’s all I need