1/14/11 – This page is getting a makeover!  I’m currently thinking of new ways to use this page.  Thoughts?

EDIT (4/16/11): make the Extras page a place for monthly discussions based on images, songs, or life’s profound, scholarly questions?

3 thoughts on “Extras

  1. You could host dicussions about… stuff. I mean, there are some things which you can’t know enough about just by Googling it or reading a book, so you could see what people think and what advice they have for eachother. You could change it every month or something like that… You could put up a random image and see what thoughts it provokes, or maybe a piece of poetry or prose, or a song. Whatever, or you could just ask an unfathomable question, unfathomable questions are awesome.
    *randomness* xD

    • Great plan! I like the idea of having a monthly discussion topic, or just posting something random (I especially liked the idea of putting up a random image or some song lyrics!) and letting people’s ideas flow freely. Would you be interested in helping me get this going?
      Thanks! 🙂


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