My Favorite Haiku from Long, Long Ago

Some of you may remember when the Haiku of the Day was a part of this blog.  That era has fizzled out, but I’ve compiled here some of my favorites.  They’re not necessarily the best or purist haiku, but the images they conjure and their personal meanings for me make them special.  I hope you enjoy revisiting these as much as I do 🙂

(3/25)   Whispers in the wind

Tales of the past spinning about

Etched in the leaves


(3/22)   Unable to reach out

Taking a plunge from the sky

Nest crashes down


(3/12)   Like lightning in the air

Galloping against the wind

Run forever


(2/7)   Lonely atmosphere

Asleep for the afternoon

Buzzing quietly


(1/9)   Wading through the thorns

Refuse to release their hold

Prickly old friends


(1/3)   Away away now

Warmth disappears in colors of fire



(12/30)   A willow tree

Mourns the loss of her greenery

Beauty dead and gone

As I scrolled through the extensive collection of poems that I accumulated over the months, I noticed some key points.  Most of them relate somehow to nature, like traditional haiku.  I remember some days struggling to come up with some new element of nature I hadn’t used yet…some of the haiku were rough, to say the least.  However, they got significantly better through time.  Even though I don’t do HOD anymore, I’m pleased to say that it helped my grow as a writer and poet.  To those who supported me while I was doing this, thank you so much!  I really appreciate it.  These days I keep moving forward with new plans, but who knows?  Maybe I’ll revisit HOD for a time in the future!

Valentine’s Day Sonnet~♡

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wrote a not-so-serious Shakespearean sonnet.  Enjoy!


There was great happiness around the world

Young marriages made and old ones renewed

Dances, good spirits, and white dresses twirled

Yet love his majesty hadn’t valued

Ban of marriage though sinful accepted

To have no more weddings from this day on

St. Valentine just simply neglected

His power to marry never withdrawn

We remember him and all that he said

Because the king cried out, “Off with his head!”

Have a very happy Valentine’s Day, and be sure to share the tidbits of history from the sonnet with your loved ones!