School Clothes ≠ Pajamas

Alright, kids, here’s the deal:

I know public school is great because there aren’t uniforms, however that doesn’t mean you can wear pajamas to school. I’m sorry, but that is pushing it too far.

High school culture is lazy enough (I already watch people trudge through the morning classes with their eyes half-closed, clinging to their coffee for dear life); I don’t want to see another person walk through the door wearing sweatpants, yoga pants, pajama pants, or slippers ever again. That’s right. People wear slippers to school.

In my opinion, not only is dressing so “down” a sign of disrespect to teachers and the general learning community, it reflects poorly on the students dressed that way. The pajama look gives off vibes of sloth and a sense that you don’t care about anything (appearance included!)

This changes everything.

I’m usually pretty tolerant of people’s style choices, but this was really irking me lately. Thanks for letting me ramble for a while.


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