Still Not Dead. Maybe Undead?

Hey all,

You may have noticed I’ve been “absent” for quite a while now.  Please accept my apologies and rest assured that I’ll make up the few posts for postaweek that I missed.  In fact, I’m posting one later today!  My life has just been very hectic and demanding, ergo, blogging wasn’t as big a priority as it has been in the past.  Well, I’m doing my best to get back on track! 🙂

I’m going to try something…I’m overjoyed that MuseSpark is starting to build up a bit of an audience!  So, for those of you that have been supporting me by reading and commenting, thank you so much!  I’ve been hesitant to do this out of fear that I’d get no responses, but I’m going to poll you––What would you like to see more of on this blog?  (Perhaps in the future I’ll create real WordPress polls, but I’ll see how this goes first.)

Leave a comment with anything you have to say; I’ll take it all!

Wow.  I sound like an annoying YouTuber.  Ick.

I hope everyone is well!

Out With A Bang?

Hi everyone!

I’d like to apologize right now for my not-so-little hiatus.  Totally inappropriate.  In a way this whole thing ended up as a learning experience, though.  I guess I can’t always commit as much as I would like.  (The fact that it’s been weeks since the last HOD is proof enough of my busy lifestyle!)  That’s not going to stop me from posting at all!  I’m still thinking of what to do…some ideas include moving all the haiku to the archive and saving the Poetry page for special occasions, and having a different daily tidbit; Changing the HOD to and HOW (Haiku Of the Week); and having a word of the day.  If any of these stands out as the best option, or you have any other ideas, feel free to let me know!

Now that the apologies and housekeeping are finished, I can say that the fiction I’ve been promising is closer to being published than ever!  I can’t give too much away, but I will say I’ve decided to post it in small chapters to make it easier on the eyes.  (This also means more frequent posting, as to prevent another mini-vacation!)  Check out the art below!

I hope everyone’s as excited about this as I am!  It won’t be long now…

Building Permit

Hi everyone!  Just an update about what’s going on, since a lot of changes are taking place.

First off, the videos page has been removed and made into an “Extras” page.  The videos are still there, just in a different location.  To access the “Videos” page, use the new “Pages” widget in the sidebar.

Secondly, “Haiku of the Day” has graduated from the “Poetry” page and has been given its own location under “Poetry”.  Again, the easiest way to access the new page is through the “Pages” widget in the sidebar, but I put up a link on the “Poetry” page to redirect people until the new layout has sunk in.

And finally a quick announcement on posts…My review for A Teen’s Guide to Getting Published should be up some time this week.  Also the “Extras” page has been getting lots of attention!  I put up a new video, as well as a page for comic strips…just another silly thing I like doing.  (The comic is titled, “Lonely Survivors” for those of you who stumbled upon it in the sidebar)  It’s not going to be updated nearly as much as, say, “Haiku of the Day”, but it’ll be a fun page.  I hope everyone is well, and I’ll be posting again soon!

Tweet Tweet?

Okay, so I didn’t want to do this a couple weeks ago because that was back when almost all my posts were talking about ways to connect with me on other sites.  Now that there’s some actual content on here, I don’t feel so bad plugging another way..

You may have noticed the Twitter widget in the side bar.  I got it primarily to promote my You Tube channel, BUT I recently linked this blog with the channel (I think that’s a good thing) so it’d be useful here, too.  So follow me!

I think that’s enough about Twitter and YouTube and stuff for now…I have a review coming up here soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you’re super-anxious for new stuff, try Haiku of the Day!