“Strength Ringing in my Ears”

The morning used to be so dark/

But even so you had that spark/

You never let me waste my time/

Ignoring light and all of the sunshine/

Throw the curtains back/

It’s time to act/

Throughout the day/

You will guide my way/


You whisper something to me now/

You know what you know but I don’t know how/

Singing sweetly, ever clear/

Your strength ringing in my ears/

Every minute your melody/

The voice I heard so perfectly/

Gather my soul, a flyaway/

And teach me how to seize the day/

You make me smile/

A little while/

Because you’re there/

I’m no longer nowhere/


The strength of your voice/

Rings in my ears/

It says I’ve a choice/

To make here/

I can ask you to stay/

Or pave my own way/

What else can I say?/

I can’t break away…