Deletions, Suggestions, Celebrations, etc.

Alright, it’ time for an update:

First and foremost, the Videos page has been removed.  This shouldn’t be too big a deal since it never got a lot of hits anyway, but I might as well explain why.  It simply serves no purpose here, since it had nothing to do with anything else on the blog.  So, *poof!* it is gone.

Secondly I think it’s almost time for some actual fiction of length to make it’s way over here!  Exciting!

Another thing that’s sort of cool is that I’ve decided to ask for review suggestions.  I know I’ve said it before, but primarily books (fiction, nonfiction, whatever), podcasts, and other pieces of writing are good, but I can be persuaded to review other things, too.

I’d also like to add a quick comment–I really am okay, even though the last song I put up raises questions about my happiness and stability.  I always say that by writing things that are sad, I can be happy most of the time because all the bad things have been expressed and are gone!  So everything’s dandy.  I’ll humor everyone and write a happy song if I have the time.  I promise.

Happy birthday, Michelangelo! (tomorrow)



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