Review-Ivy Reisner’s “The WritingCast”

The Scale

for all forms of media, work must be enjoyable, organized, and well-done. “The WritingCast” is informational and digital, so I’m looking for helpful, realistic, and useable tips, as well as a nice lack of technical difficulties.

Enjoyability-Ivy speaks very well, and is always prepared. This (to me) makes her seem more comfortable addressing her listeners, which allows her to be herself. She’s quite funny as well…

Organization-As I mentioned earlier, Ivy always is prepared for her shows. It is obvious she prepares in-depth notes before recording. She’s generally very good about releasing episodes pretty regularly, which is especially impressive considering this isn’t her only podcast. She’s precise and clean, never at a loss for words.

Information-Ivy begins each show with a resource for writer’s to use. These can be anything from a book, website, sometimes other podcasts. These are great! As far as the help Ivy herself provides for writers, it’s also helpful and useable. She usually focuses on one topic per show, or interviews authors. Her topics are never unhelpful. Even if you’re familiar with what Ivy’s talking about, you’ll always find something you never knew before.

Technical Issues-How I wish I had Ivy’s luck with technology! At least when I began listening to her podcast, she changed microphones AND computers a couple times and I could tell no difference. Her sound quality is superb. The overall sound changes slightly every once in a while, but it’s honestly not a big issue.

Would I recommend this podcast? Of course!

Final rating—>4/4 stars


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